About Us

If you had the opportunity to lead today…

would you be prepared?

If you were needed to take the lead right now…

would you be confident enough to step up?


Welcome to the Rootstrong! Here you’ll learn how your roots inform your strengths, and why it is important that you are ready and able to lead.

Our Mission
Rootstrong is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization focused on excellence in multicultural leadership education and development. Our mission is to provide resources, experiences, and development opportunities to promote equity, social justice and excellence through leadership.

Our Team
The Rootstrong team, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and network of leaders and educators is diverse, international, and experienced in multicultural leadership education and development. Our experience crosses sectors and borders, communities and cultures.

Our Name
Our name developed organically through our collective work. We noticed a pattern, each course, program or project we were working on was built on the premise that we all have strengths that we can build upon and that those strengths were rooted in something greater than ourselves. We came to recognize that, like healthy plants and trees, we are rootstrong.

ROOTSTRONG [root-strawng] adjective
Having derived great strength, guidance and inspiration from one’s family, community, culture and/or personal history.
Usage: We are rootstrong.”

Our Work
There are two core Rootstrong programs: Rootstrong Campus and Rootstrong Global.

If you believe that your school, college or community center would benefit from having a multicultural leadership education and development program on campus, please contact us about starting a Rootstrong Campus chapter.

If you’re interested in bringing Rootstrong to your country, please contact us about establishing a Rootstrong Global branch.

Our Global Principles
The Rootstrong Global Principles serve as a general guide for all Rootstrong initiatives, and are a critical component of the Rootstrong Leadership Model.

Human Rights
Promotion, protection and defense of all human rights both as defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the activist sense of bottom-up democratic means of social change.
Social Justice
Active promotion of a fair and just global community, and the resolute opposition to all forms and intersections of oppressions.
Respect for the intersectional identities of individuals, communities and cultures as fundamental strengths of humanity, requiring equity and inclusivity across divisions.
Being honorable, honest, and guided by a consistent moral compass toward human rights, social justice and respect for diversity.


Our Leadership Development Model
The Rootstrong Leadership Model (RLM) serves as the foundation for our work. It has been developed over several years by a diverse team of leadership educators, international leaders, and students.

RLM OutlineThe RLM is designed as a leadership education and development framework for the next generation of diverse global leaders. Based on research and the multicultural experiences of our team, the RLM is a comprehensive model designed for today’s multicultural students, educators and emerging leaders.

While there are components of professional and career development in Rootstrong programs, the RLM is focused on leadership independent of power, privilege, positionality and politics. In other words, Rootstrong is for everyone. We are all rootstrong, and it is our responsibility to use our gifts to lead effectively and in the most constructive, ethical and socially conscious way that we can.

Getting Involved
We welcome your input, involvement and support. Whether you are interested in volunteering, starting a Rootstrong Campus chapter, bringing Rootstrong to your nation, or if you just have a great idea you would like to share, please contact us  today. We look forward to hearing from you!