Rootstrong Global

Rootstrong GlobalRootstrong Global is a growing network of Rootstrong branches designed and led by members of the local community to represent local values, cultures and approaches, and connected across borders to promote social justice globally.

Too often, international organizations promote the values of the nation where the NGO originated, using the same approach and promoting a singular (and too often paternalistic) agenda. This model has been shown to be fatally flawed, and too often contributes to a neocolonialism.

The Rootstrong model was developed by a diverse international group interested in developing a culturally responsive leadership development model which would be centered on the social, cultural, community, familial and individual roots of anyone using the model. Guided by the Rootstrong Global Principles, and in the spirit of equifinality, our leadership development model promotes the inclusion of diverse perspectives and voices in a way that singular models simply cannot.

Another way to look at our approach is to consider the reality of leadership groups such as boards of directors or senior administration teams. “Traditional” leadership development programs produce Board or Leadership Teams which include members who look a bit different from one another but have been trained in the same manner. This, from our perspective, is superficial and does not provide the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Our approach embraces the concept of equifinality in order to develop diverse leaders with diverse perspectives and approaches. This creates opportunities to benefit from what Frans Johansson calls, the Medici Effect, which refers to how authentic inclusion promotes innovation and other critical benefits. 

Rootstrong provides support for local leaders to develop programs which reflect the cultures, approaches, and social justice interests of local communities using the culturally responsive Rootstrong Leadership Model.


Rootstrong Global Principles:

  • Human Rights  To promote, protect and defend all human rights as defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as in the activist sense of bottom-up democratic means of social change.
  • Social Justice  To actively promote a fair and just global community, and demonstrate resolute opposition to all forms and intersections of oppressions.
  • Diversity  To demonstrate respect for the intersectional identities of individuals, communities and cultures as fundamental strengths of humanity, requiring equity and inclusivity across divisions.
  • Integrity  To be honorable, honest, and guided by a consistent moral compass toward human rights, social justice and respect for diversity.



Rootstrong GhanaRootstrong Ghana leads the way as the first official international branch of Rootstrong. The Ghanaian team is preparing to launch its flagship program, and includes dynamic representatives from higher education, business, government and non-governmental organizations.

Stay tuned for news from the Rootstrong Ghana team, and other Rootstrong Global branches!