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The WPC Leadership Institute

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Rootstrong is teaming up with the White Privilege Institute to offer a leadership institute at the upcoming White Privilege Conference (WPC). The WPC Leadership Institute will engage participants in critical dialogue, provide opportunities for developing leadership skills, and provide practical engagement tools.

April 14-17, 2016, during the 17th Annual WPC, the WPC Leadership Institute will include:

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•  Pre-Conference Institute Session

•  Private dialogues with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. (WPC Founder), keynote speakers and special guests

•  Daily facilitated conference debriefings

•  Post-Conference Institute Session

•  WPC/Rootstrong Leadership Certification

To learn more visit www.whiteprivilegeconference.com or view the WPC Leadership Institute flyer.




We’re always interested in your ideas for Special Projects. Do you have an idea for how to develop leaders, promote leadership toward social justice, or address an issue that is important to you? Let us know what you’re thinking about and let’s work together to make a difference. Contact us with your great ideas, challenges you’d like to address, or opportunities to partner – we’d love to hear from you!